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Hamilton (Carlisle), Ontario

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All students will be given the opportunity to learn about contact and collection, to promote safety for riders and horses alike, as well as providing a more rewarding lesson experience connecting horse and rider.

Our lesson program  runs daily, with the exception of Thursdays and Sundays, year round (indoors if inclement weather). You can start  lessons at any time.  Prices and Packages are as follows, larger discount being offered  when purchasing a greater number of lessons at one time per student.

One time lesson

Private lesson - $60.00

Semi-Private - $55.00 each student - two students

Group  lesson - $48.00 each student - three to six students usually

Reduced Monthly rate:

Whether taking  one lesson a week, or three lessons a week (ask us about our practice/part boarding rides), students receive $10.00 off per lesson when paying for the month (4 or 5 weeks depending on the month and  which day lesson time slot).

Monthly lesson rates as follows:

Private lesson - $50.00

Semi-Private - $45.00 per student

Group lessons - $38.00 per student

4 Month Lesson Package:

Introductory Package: (new to riding)

Introductory Package: (new to our barn; with riding experience)

Lesson Policy:

Lesson Procedures:

Also offered to Lesson Students:

 We also offer part boarding (practice rides) and horses for free in-barn lease (please see the Part Boarding page for more info!).  Please note that all prices include HST!  Please contact us for more info and current availability!!!

Please print our riding lesson registration form, prior to your first visit.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to ride at Brock Equestrian, click here to read some testimonials from our current parents and students!

***Prices subject to change without notice***