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Interested in Showing?! Then look here!!


Brock Equestrian’s school horses and private horses trailer to local schooling shows, as well as more challenging shows throughout the year!

Showing offers students the experience to apply their knowledge from their classes at home, to new situations in a rewarding atmosphere.

Riders of any level of experience are welcome to show with us!

Although showing is by no means mandatory at Brock Equestrian, we do encourage riders to try showing when they feel ready, as it is a great experience to develop as a rider and horse owner.  

Below is a list of some of the local show dates.  Please contact us if you are interested!

Touch N’ Go - Lollipop (Children) July 4th, 18th, August 1st, 15th, 29th

Touch N’ Go - Adult Schooling June 7th, 21st, July 5th, 19th, August 2nd, 16th

Touch N’ Go - Jumper & Dressage Schooling June 30th, August 4th

Showing with Brock Equestrian is a rewarding experience, in which we hope all of our students will try at some point in their riding career.

Showing Fees:

The cost for Trailering is split between the number of students registering for classes.  The greater the number of students showing at each event, not only the cheaper the trailering fee, but also a better experience for all to spend the day with their barn friends…not to mention more hands for getting horses ready, handling horses at show, runners for getting brushes, hairnets, coffee , etc.

Coaching at the show is available for $38.00 for half day (2-5 hours) or $50.00 for full day (6-8 hours) and includes use of Brock Equestrian school horse.

Students entering shows are responsible for appropriate show attire, entry fees (including class and med fees).  Details regarding entry fees can be found on the corresponding show’s website. 

We look forward to show season!!  Whether entering classes, observing to gain knowledge for entering at a later date, or spectating and lending a hand, we look forward to having everyone join us!!

A great time to be had by all…Join our Brock Equestrian Show Team!!!